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Revenue by Rate Type Report


The Revenue by Rate Type report displays how much revenue was recognized per rate type, including additional guest and/or pet fees. This report does not contain Item revenue, except items that are bundled within the rate type in a room package. This report can help you determine:

  • What rate types are making revenue vs. what is clutter in your booking engine.
  • What specials or promotions are making revenue.
  • If room packages by rate type making a difference.

Consider testing up to 5 (max) of your “broad-scope” packages as a room packages to see if it can help increase sales. Some benefits include:

  • One purchase decision makes it easy on your guests.
  • Room packages can look less expensive divided over multiple nights.
  • It frees up space on the items upsell page for niche packages.

Click here to learn more about setting up Room Packages in ThinkReservations.