Master Classes

Exercise 4: The Guest Room

The Guest Room

Your Guest Room Appearance – Stop, Look Around – Use Your Senses

  • Is the bed inviting?
    • How many decorative pillows are there?
    • How many sleeping pillows?
    • When was the warmth layer and top layer washed?
  • Think about COVID-19. Is a snack basket still appropriate to offer?
  • Where did you put your luggage?
  • Now unpack and look for hangers?
    • Remember you are here for 3 nights!

Technology in the Guest Room

  • You are a techno lover so pull out your laptop, phone, tablet, and all of your chargers!
    • Can you plug them in by the bed?
    • How robust is your Wi-Fi?
  • Do you have a TV in the room?
    • Is it a Smart TV? Can you add Roku, Firestick Apple TV, or Chromecast so guests can log in to their accounts?
    • Did you drop your cable service during the past month?

Bathroom Functionality – Would You Stay Three Nights?

  • Are there surfaces for you to place your toiletries?
  • Is the lighting sufficient to put your contacts in, put your make-up on or to shave?
  • Can you plug in the hairdryer?
  • Check out the shower curtain or shower door. Is it truly clean?
  • Look at the amenities – are they still single use plastics or large containers?
  • Test the shower – how long did it take for hot water? Is the shower head clogged?