Master Classes

Exercise 3: Arrival

Pack a Bag! Let’s Get Away!

Notice Your Property from the Curb, Your Driveway and as You Park

  • Park in a handicapped space. Is the signage clear to find it? Is there sufficient room to exit your car?
  • Observe your surroundings. Does your landscaping need trimming? Is there adequate lighting to see your way?
  • Is it obvious how to find the entry?
  • Can you walk easily with rolling luggage? With a walker or wheelchair?
  • What is the condition of your entry?

The First Impressions – Steps, Smells, and Sounds

  • Walk in, close your eyes and absorb the smells and sounds.
  • Can you navigate the walkway with your luggage easily?
  • Is the décor fresh and inviting?
  • Think about how you welcome a guest. What do you show them first to make them comfortable with your common areas?

How Does COVID-19 Impact Your Welcome?

  • Do you offer refreshments on arrival?
    • How are they displayed?
    • Do you need to change how guests ”help themselves”?
  • Look at your dining room. Will guests feel comfortable having breakfast together?
    • Do you serve at one time or stagger times to minimize crowding?
  • Will you need to provide more table service than before for beverages?