Master Classes

Booking Pace Report


The Booking Pace Report compares the rate at which guests made reservations at one point in time versus another point in time. The dates you select are flexible to allow comparison of any points in time and any date ranges. The “Booked As Of” date includes reservations booked up to the close of the previous day. We consider this the crown jewel of reports, because:

  • It combines multiple key performance indicators into one report.
  • It should be reviewed frequently to assist with data-based business decisions.

Remember that dates are completely flexible so you can also look at booking pace inside a month or even a week, as well as dates further out. It gives you the ability to test new rates or booking restrictions, track results, and make adjustments as needed.

Note: Point of Sales (POS) items like gift certificates or sales on canceled reservations are not included in this report.